Almost immediately, Desktop Guerrillas solved all of our nagging IT problems. Joe and his team became our office heroes. They always readily available for any emergencies. Thankfully, because of their smart planning and foresight, there are very few emergencies that do arise. Our company's IT is in the best shape it's ever been and everything is running very smoothly. I don't even want to know how - I just want it to continue!

Grace Massinello, communications manager

We had tried every model of IT management -- including do-it-yourself -- and always ran into the same issues: if the service was affordable, it was often undependable or unreliable; and reliable service required significant monthly minimum service contracts, mandatory hardware and software upgrades, and an additional annual fee to guarantee a two-day response time. On the other hand, Joe Presto and Desktop Guerrillas came to our office, asked us what we needed, surveyed our system, and quickly gave us practical and affordable recommendations-- in language that everyone could understand. Since then, Desktop Guerrillas has provided the continual oversight, maintenance, and upgrading required to keep our practice running efficiently, and regularly offers timely, practical, and reasonable solutions to our computing and technology needs. From individual user issues, to network security and remote access, to case management and reporting, to implementation of new technology, their service has always been dependable, thorough and affordable.

John Josel, Esq. Silver, Golub and Teitell Stamford, CT

Prior to retaining Desktop Guerrillas, we used several computer consultants who just didn't seem to understand our system or our needs or the fact that, as a fast-paced law firm, we cannot afford to have our computer disabled for any period of time during work hours. Since retaining Desktop Guerrillas several years ago, we no longer need to worry about such problems. From the first day, the company has provided us with prompt, smart and ethical computer consulting services and is always looking for ways to improve our office's computer technology. We strongly endorse Desktop Guerrillas.

Russell Berkowitz, Esq. The Berkowitz Law Firm Stamford, CT

We’re a small, rapidly growing business with a combination of servers, laptops, custom software, handheld devices, and field-based staff that would be any IT support shop’s nightmare. Desktop Guerrillas has done a spectacular job of keeping our technology running so that we can stay focused on the core work of our business. We’ve worked with several other companies in the past and nobody has come close to this level of service, responsiveness, and sheer willingness to tackle whatever mess we manage to generate. They’re truly valued partners and we couldn’t be successful without their ongoing support.

Scott Conley, President and CEO The Cradlerock Group, Stamford, CT